The Great Wheelbarrow Race (the ‘event’ or ‘race’) is run in a relay format over three days held annually in May. The race stages are Mareeba – Dimbulah (42km), Dimbulah – Almaden (65km) and Almaden – Chillagoe (33km), or in reverse both being a total distance of 140km.

The Wheelbarrow Race committee (the ‘committee’) promotes the race as a competitive endurance event, structured to provide a safe, social environment for participants with a range of ability levels and motivations to compete. Whether teams or individuals choose to participate socially, competitively or simply for personal achievement, they are required to compete in a manner consistent in keeping with the spirit of the race.

The committee expects that all participants (including drivers and marshals) apply the race rules and regulations judiciously during the course of the race to allow the safe expedient passage of teams, support vehicles and general traffic through the event.

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Great Wheelbarrow Race 2023








Fundraising Amounts


Year         Amount

2007       $13,480

2008       $14,200

2009       $44,398

2010       $87,315

2011       $123,000

2012       $153,000

2013       $461,000

2014       $437,000

2015       $243,300

2016       $200,000

2017       $195,289

2018       $110,000

2019       $140,000

2020       COVID-19

2021       COVID-19

2022       $132,230

Total      $2,354,212 which is outstanding for any sporting event.