Keeping the Spirit of the Race Alive

Feb 19, 2021 | Latest News, Race News

February 5 2021

Preparations are in full swing to keep the spirit of the Great Wheelbarrow Race alive.

In light of COVID-19 restrictions, the Great Wheelbarrow Race committee will host a one-day “COVID-Challenge” on Saturday 15 May 2021.

The ironman style event will see competitors tackle a 95k challenge along the wheelbarrow way from Dimbulah to Chillagoe.

Committee Chair, Councillor Bensted said teams could pull up stumps at Almaden if they choose and solo and duo competitors can join the race from Almaden. “It will be different, but myself and the committee are really looking forward to it.”

The event will start in Dimbulah early on Saturday morning and finish the same afternoon in Chillagoe. Competitors who choose to push on through Almaden to Chillagoe will need to meet a time deadline to ensure everyone arrives safely in Chillagoe on Saturday afternoon.

Councillor Bensted said the committee and Councillors saw this alternative event as a welcome social and economic boost for the smaller communities.

“While COVID-19 restrictions have prevented us from running the annual event as normal, the committee and Council wanted to find a way to keep the spirit of the race alive,” Cr Bensted said.

“After such an abnormally quiet year in terms of events, I am really encouraging everyone to get involved and support the event and local communities.

“Preparations are well underway and we are encouraging everyone to start training and organising their teams,” Cr Bensted said.

The committee is working through the logistics of the event. Competitors are encouraged to follow the event’s Facebook page to keep up-to-date.

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Year         Amount

2007       $13,480

2008       $14,200

2009       $44,398

2010       $87,315

2011       $123,000

2012       $153,000

2013       $461,000

2014       $437,000

2015       $243,300

2016       $200,000

2017       $195,289

2018       $110,000

2019       $140,000

2020       COVID-19

2021       COVID-19

2022       $132,230

Total      $2,354,212 which is outstanding for any sporting event.